Shakti Dance Academy and its agents do not accept any responsibility for injuries suffered during any Shakti Dance® Training program or while practicing the techniques of Shakti Dance®.

Every participant must be fully aware of the risks and hazards involved and their own personal physical limitations and, if necessary, are responsible for seeking a doctor’s advice prior to participation.

If there are any medical reasons preventing a student from full participation in the training program, this will be communicated to the organizer.

Shakti Dance Academy and its agents assume no responsibility for any losses or damages during any Shakti Dance® Training program.

I agrees that they have read, understand, and agree to all the Release information stated herein and that all the Registration information provided is correct to the best of their knowledge

Please note:
if it is not possible to carry out some modules in live presence due to a national lockdown, or even regional lockdowns that prevent most of the members of the program from participating in live format, the planned live modules will also take place online, without this giving the right to a partial reimbursement of the cost of the training. If it is not possible to conduct the module scheduled for DATE OF THE MODULE in person, these training days will take place online

General Rule for Missed Training Days during the Level 1 Teacher Training Program

Participants are whole-heartedly encouraged to participate in the live training sessions. In the case of emergencies, participants can miss up to 2 days of training. This can only happen if these 2 days do not include Curriculum Days 3, 6 or 7 of the Physical Body. If any of these key days are missed, they must be made up for in another teacher training course.

If only 2 training days are missed, these can be recuperated with assigned self-study and personal practice tasks related to the relevant course material. This will then be presented as an extra certification requirement.

If more than 2 days are missed, then these must be made up by attending another teacher training elsewhere and/or at another time. Missed days can also be recuperated with online recordings of the relevant Training Days, if they are available. The cost to recuperate one pre-recorded Training day is €50 per day, or €25 for half a day. The video recording will be available to view for a limited time period only.


Regulation for Recuperating Missed Training Days

A participant has the right to attend any missing modules in any future Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training Course, provided that she can follow the language (or translation provided) in which it is taught.

A student, having paid the full costs for their original Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training Program, may then recuperate up to a maximum of 6 missed training days in another Shakti Dance Level 1 Training Program; contributing to the Affiliate of the host Training Program only 25€ per day, for organization and venue costs.

If the student needs to make up for more than 6 days in a different training, then she will be required to pay the full daily tuition fees for any days exceeding 6, to the Affiliate of the host Training Program.

Any additional travel or accommodation expenses must be paid by the participant.


Admission to the Practical Exam

To be admitted to the final practical exam, participants can miss a total of only 4 training days. Otherwise, they will not have the necessary experience. These will need to be recuperated as above. Certificates will not be issued until all training days have been attended and all requisites completed, even if the exam has passed.



Generally, Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training and Certification must be completed within six months of the original training practice exam.

However, participants can request in writing an extension of time from the Affiliate of their original Training Program and from the Shakti Dance Academy Administrator. This period can be extended for as long as necessary, but the Shakti Dance Academy does not take responsibility for following the student’s progress.

If the agreed time limit is exceeded without further written notification by the student, the student will no longer be entitled to certification.


Temporary Teaching Permit

Trainees that wish to practice teaching Shakti Dance® before receiving Level 1 Shakti Dance® certification may apply to their Lead Trainer and/or Affiliate for a temporary teaching permit.
Trainees may teach Shakti Dance only on a non-professional basis during the training.

After the practical exam and before receiving certification, students may be given temporary permission to teach professionally – for no more than six months. If the student has not certified by then, they no longer have permission to teach Shakti Dance®, until certification is acquired.


Academy Membership

The Tuition Fee for this Training Program includes inscription for Annual Membership to the Shakti Dance® Academy. All Participants of this Training Program become Trainee Members of the Shakti Dance® Academy for up to 12 months after inscription, during the Training. This Membership grants access to the Reserved Area of the Shakti Dance® Academy website, on which supplementary non-commercial training videos relative to the Training Program are available.

Certified Shakti Dance® Teachers with Academic Membership will be listed in, and promoted through the “Teachers’ Directory” of the Shakti Dance website ( They are also granted access the Reserved Area of the Shakti Dance® Academy website and authorization to access and use the Academy’s promotional material.

Certified Shakti Dance® Teachers who are not members of the Shakti Dance® Academy will be listed by name only in the ‘Teachers’ Directory to ensure the validation of their certification, but they will not be promoted with any contact details, nor are they eligible to access the Reserved Area of the Shakti Dance® Academy website.


Trademarks and Copyrights

“Shakti Dance®” is a registered international trademark of Sara Avtar Olivier and the Shakti Dance® Endowment.
Shakti Dance® Academy LLP, through its London administrative office, has the exclusive right and responsibilities to promote and protect the Shakti Dance® Trademark, Method© and copyrights.
The right to use, teach and promote the Shakti Dance® Discipline, Method© and Trainings with the Shakti Dance® trademark is granted only to certified Shakti Dance Teachers and Trainers, as per the Guidelines set out below:


Use of Shakti Dance® Trademark

The right to teach and create publicity under the trademarked name Shakti Dance® is acquired by gaining validated certification as a Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher and abiding by a Teacher’s Code of Ethics.

A Shakti Dance® Teacher, with validated certification, who upholds the Teacher’s Code of Ethics, automatically gains the right to teach and share ‘The Teachings’ with students, under the name of Shakti Dance® – through direct “live”, but not indirect audio-visual, contact. ‘The Teachings’ include: the knowledge, skills, techniques and copyrighted Shakti Dance Method© acquired in the Shakti Dance® Teacher Training Program, through which that Teacher has qualified.

To share Shakti Dance® Teachings through audio-visual media, whether pre-recorded or online, a teacher requires approval and copyright agreement for their productions and transmission from Shakti Dance® Academy.

The Shakti Dance® trademark and/or logo must always be used in any publicity.

Training Materials

The Tuition Fee includes a printed copy of the Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Manual©. A digital copy of the manual may also be accessible on the Reserved Area.

The Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Manual© and Didactic Videos© are for personal usage and study only, and are subject to copyright laws. Any reproduction, publishing, hiring, lending or performance in whole or any part is strictly prohibited.

A selection of non-commercial Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Didactic Videos© are available and accessible to Shakti Dance Academy Members, via online streaming in the Reserved Area.

Tuition payment for the Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Program does not grant the right to record and/or own audio-video of all or any of the training content shared during the program.

No video recordings of any part of the Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teaching Training Program is permitted during the program.

Written permission may be given by the Shakti Dance® Academy to an appointed person to record Audio-Video during the program if the recordings serve to update the Academy’s online Didactic Training Materials.

Production of Shakti Dance Videos

a. Approved Promotional Videos of Shakti Dance®
A Certified Shakti Dance® Teacher, has the right to create and publish Approved Promotional Videos of Shakti Dance® to promote their Shakti Dance® courses, workshops, intensives, authorized trainings and initiatives. Approval for the publication of Promotional Videos must be granted by the Shakti Dance® Academy, by fulfilling the Academy’s requisites and standards, before freely publishing and distributing a Promotional Video of Shakti Dance®.

Promotional Shakti Dance® Videos must only show short excerpts of exercises. They should not clearly demonstrate whole exercises or sequences of exercises or movement choreographies as practiced in the discipline of Shakti Dance®.

b. Approved Teaching Videos of Shakti Dance®. Advanced Certified Shakti Dance® Teachers & Trainers, authorized by Shakti Dance® Academy have the right to create Approved Teaching Videos of Shakti Dance®. Requisites are given, and approval granted with copyright agreement, to such Authorized Teachers by the Shakti Dance® Academy. Teaching videos are only to be distributed in accordance with terms agreed with Shakti Dance® Academy.

Definition of Teaching Videos: These consist of the clear demonstration of specific Exercises, Exercise Sequences, or Movement Choreographies pertaining to any of the Phases of Shakti Dance®. The demonstration of the above elements are done in such a way that the general public are able to follow and acquire the content of the video, experiencing the effects of the given Shakti Exercises or Sequence of Exercises.

c. Celestial Communications and/or Mantric Choreographies 
A Certified Shakti Dance Teacher, has the permission to create Celestial Communications and/or Mantric Choreographies according to the Shakti Dance® Method©, providing that credit is given to the Shakti Dance® Method©. These may be published privately to a limited audience (e.g Facebook Friends only). 

Only those Celestial Communications and/or Mantric Choreographies, created according to the Shakti Dance® Method© that have been approved by the Shakti Dance® Academy can be publicly published. Approval is granted when the requisites and standards issued by the Shakti Dance® Academy for the filming of such Movement Meditation Choreographies have been met.

No Celestial Communications and/or Mantric Choreographies created by Sara Avtar Olivier or any other Certified Shakti Dance Teacher should be videoed or published without the express permission of their creator.

Governing Law

The contract for this Shakti Dance® Level 1 Training Program includes a declaration of acceptance of all the above terms and conditions, including that of payment for the Program.
These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with United Kingdom (UK) Law. The parties irrevocably agree that the UK Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, or under or in connection with the terms and conditions of The Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training Contract, Rules or regulations or the legal relationship established between the parties and for those purposes irrevocably submit all disputes to the jurisdiction of the UK Courts.

The Shakti Dance® Academy is entitled to suspend, transform modality of, or terminate the performance of its obligations under this Agreement when certain circumstances beyond their control arise, making performance inadvisable, commercially impractical, illegal, or impossible. The list of circumstances / events is set out in the Schedule below;
– Schedule –
War, riots, fire, hurricane, typhoons, earthquake, lightning, explosion, strikes, pandemics, lockdowns, slowdowns, prolonged shortage of electricity supplies, acts of state or governmental action prohibiting or impeding any party from performing its respective obligations under the contract and an Act of God.

Signing the declaration also acknowledges acceptance that in the event of a student interrupting the Training Program before full completion of the Training Program, the student will nevertheless complete full payment, paying the above installments on their due dates. The Registration Fee is non-refundable under any circumstance.