250 hours program - OCTOBER 2023 - MAY 2024

Discount and advance payment by September 8, 2023.

Regular applications after September 8, 2023 are possible until 20 September 2023, or until the places are filled.
The program will take place live in the studio INTAKT Ljubljana.

Shakti Dance® the Yoga of Dance – combining yoga and dance. Shakti Dance® is inspired by Kundalini Yoga as thought by Yogi Bhajan and was created by Sara Avtar Olivier from UK based on her life-long dance experience and over 20 years of practicing and teaching Kundalini yoga. Shakti dance offers joyful, graceful and healthy yogic path through the conscious practice of dance. Yoga means union. Union of our finite consciousness and the infinite consciousness, true self and personality, eternal and mortal. Practicing yoga involves conscious presence in yogic asana. The yoga of dance involves brining conscious presence in dance movements. We dance with awareness on breath and body movement becoming one with our own creative expression emerging from deep within.

Shakti Dance® is the Yoga of Dance that combines breathing, movement, singing and sinking into most beautiful music. It is one of the most unique forms of practice. It applies yogic philosophy and different dance styles together in most beautiful manner including phases like gentle stretches, free movement, different dance forms, beautiful meditation and deep relaxation. As a practice Shakti Dance® is suitable for everyone; you can find beautiful, deep and healthy path to yourself and your life.

Shakti Dance® Teacher Training Level 1 is suitable for everyone, even for those who don’t see yourself as a Teacher of Shakti Dance®.

Shakti Dance®, the ‘Yoga of Dance’ is rooted in the technology of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. The discipline was developed by Sara Avtar, with the blessing of Yogi Bhajan, in 2001. Shakti Dance® shares the common goal with Kundalini Yoga of expanding consciousness to unfold and express our soul potential in daily life.

Vitality • Radiance • Awakening • Soul Expression

An academically extensive, while deep, and beautifully transformative training awaits you. The program has been developed to directly embody all theory experientially.

You will learn to practice and teach a unique entwinement of yoga and dance. Embodying the teachings, you will be energised, your mind awakened and spirit elevated, as you merge with the life force and give expression to your soul impulse…

You will learn different yogic techniques and dance-styles and how they are interwoven and sequenced, according to their qualities and energy levels – as ‘tools’ to stimulate and rebalance the pranic flow in mind and body.

The system of Shakti Dance® illumines a delicate synergy of practice with mindfulness, synchronised to mantra:

  • rhythmic breath,
  • cyclic flowing movement,
  • free dance
  • relaxation
  • movement meditation, and
  • silence

The resultant tapestry induces a unique space of consciousness – a relaxed atmosphere of ‘harmonious attunement’, characteristic to Shakti Dance®. This subtle space releases blockages and deep conditioning, inducing inner healing and awakening. It opens us up to our core vibration, cascading into free dance and the expressive fullness of aware Being.

Learning to practice and teach Shakti Dance® opens up a vibrant source of creativity, lending form and expression to each teacher’s unique gifts. Regular practice expands horizons for clarity of purpose, facilitating the realisation of soul potential. As a Shakti Dance® Teacher, in elevating you are elevated!

This Training Program culminates in the certification as an Instructor of Shakti Dance® Classes or workshops of 1-3 hours.

  • The training consists of 24 days of 180 classroom hours,
  • Participation in at least 10 mornings of sadhana (1.5 – 2.5 hour early morning practice), during the training program.
  • 45 hours of self-study* and written summaries (reading and practicing the techniques at home)
  • a total of 250 hours.

    Depending on whether the modules are in a more or less intensive format, the duration of the training is over a period of between six months to a year.

Sara Avtar generally teaches on all Level 1 Teacher Trainings in collaboration with other Shakti Dance Teacher Trainers who have been trained by her. In addition to Sara Avtar, teachers Sat Darshan, Nataša Siri Amrit and Dunia will also be teaching at the training.

Physical Body ~ Lakshmi: Radiant Embodiment
Principles of Harmonious Movement ~ Bandhas ~ 5 Elements & Postural Alignment ~ Rhythmic Breath ~ Dynamic Cyclic Asanas ~ Sequencing Movement & Graceful Flow

Energy Body ~ Kali: Transformational Release
Systems of Yogic Anatomy: Vayus, Chakras, Nadis, Meridians, Rasas ~ Frequency & Electromagnetism ~ Pranayama in Motion ~ Different Qualities of Dance

Mental Body ~ Saraswati: Creative Consciousness & Geometry of Mergence 
Aspects of Mind ~ Meditation ~ Focus & Mindfulness in Motion ~ Influence of Mantras, Mudras, Musical Rhythm and Sacred Geometry ~ Celestial Communications ~ Mantric Choreographies

Yogic Philosophy
Patanjali ~ Vedanta ~ Samkhya ~ Bhakti Tradition

Hindu Mythology
Shiva & Shakti ~ Three Principle Gods & Goddesses

Dynamic Structure of the 8 Phases of a Class

Development & Growth as a Teacher
Acquistion of Techniques ~ Integration of Effects of Practice ~ Role & Expression of a Teacher


  • 30.09. – 01.10. 2023   INTRO WEEKEND / What is yoga / Shakti / Dance
  • 26 – 31. 10. 2023   PHYSICAL body 1-6 / 3 Gunas / Breath-Movement / Shakti streching / Patanjali / 6 days Retreat -Velenje)*
  • 15 – 17. 12. 2023   ENERGY body 1-3 / Yogic anatomy / Samkhya
  • 20 – 21. 01. 2024   ENERGY body 4-5 / Yogic anatomy / Deities  / 5 Vayus
  • 23. – 25. 02. 2024  ENERGY body 6, MENTAL body 1-2 / Nadis / Pranajama / 9 Rasas /Free Dance
  • 21 – 24. 03. 2024   MENTAL body 3-6 / Sound&Mantra / Dance steps / Sacret geometry / Mind / Meditation
  • 20 – 21. 04. 2024   METHODOLOGY & ETHICS 1-2 /Code of ethics / Preparation for exam
  • 17 – 19. 05. 2024   EXAM

The program will take place live in the studio Intakt.

* 26-31 October 2023
6 days YOGA Retreat in Velenje. Accommodation and food are paid separately upon arrival in Velenje.
Estimated price: €70/day (the price may vary depending on the increase in the cost of living).
The price includes sleeping in rooms with multiple beds, vegetarian / vegan full board, tea and fruit.

The completion of the all the requisites of this Level 1 Shakti Dance® Teacher Training program will qualify participants to teach Shakti Dance® as Level 1 teachers. After that you can continue education at Level 2 trainings and become international teacher trainer.

The Following Requisites must be Satisfied for Qualification as a Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher:

  • 180 classroom hours
  • 45 hours of self-study* and written summaries
  • Full payment of the Training Program fees
  • Practice teaching of a Shakti Dance class with peer review from the trainer and fellow students
  • Participation in at least 10 mornings of sadhana (1.5. -2.5 hour early morning spiritual practice), during the training program
  • In addition to the training program, attend 30 hours ( 1h=60min.) of Shakti Dance regular classes or workshops (practical not theory), with any previously Certified Shakti Dance teacher (not from your training group). The time period given for this completion is from 3 months before training begin, until 6 months after end of training.
  • Online classes and workshops will be recognized only if purchased through Shakti Dance Academy and with a valid Academy certification of participation.
  • The 2023/2024 training session will be held live in the Intakt Studio Ljubljana, only live attendance is possible.
  • Completion of any extra Self-Study Assignments in order to recuperate missed classroom hours**
  • Completion of any Follow Up Tasks after the Practical Exam
  • Pass the Shakti Dance® Level 1 Practical and Written Exams***
  • Complete all the training requirements no later than six months after the end of the Training Program. An extension may be granted by official request to the program organizer and Shakti Dance Academy.
  • Final decision for qualification lies with the Lead Trainer and the Shakti Dance® founder Sara Avtar Olivier.
  • Insertion of Personal Teachers’ Profile Page in the Shakti Dance Academy Teacher’s Directory. NB: If this occurs later than 12 months after Teacher Training Program begin, renewal of Academic Membership will be necessary. 

The 45 Hours of Self-Study include:

  • Personal practice of specified yoga-asanas and Shakti Flowing-Asanas
  • Personal practice of specified meditations and/or Celestial Communications,
  • Keeping a diary of experience during the practice of specified meditations and/or Celestial Communications
  • Personal practice of specified Standing Sequences and/or Mantric Choreographies
  • Reading of course manual or hand-outs during the Program
  • Background reading of suggested books
  • Short essays of theoretical nature and summaries of diaries relating to personal experiences during the 40-day practice of Shakti Dance.
  • IN CASE OF HYBRID FORMAT OF THE TRAINING: If training takes place in all forms: live in the studio, online and hybrid, it is desirable to have a live presence in the studio whenever possible for the participant, depending on the epidemiological situation. Otherwise, the mandatory min. live participation in the studio is 9 days ( this can not be the days of last 2 moduls) + mandatory 3 days of the exam

**Regulation for Recuperation of Missed Modules
A participant is entitled to attend any missed modules at any future Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training, providing they can follow the language (or provided translation) in which it is taught. A student, having paid the full costs to their original Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training Program, may then recuperate up to 6 days of missed modules at another training:

  • Live Presential Participation in Yoga Center – contributing only €25 per day to the host training program to cover organisation and seminar-room rental costs,
  • Online Participation via the Shakti Dance Academy, through Zoom – contributing €33,33 + VAT per day,
  • If available in the student’s language, through a Video Recording from the Shakti Dance Academy (available for 14 days) + homework  – contributing €41,67 + VAT per day.

Any further travel or accommodation costs will also need to be paid for by the participant.
Certificates will not be issued until all modules have been recouped – even if the exam has been passed.

*** The Final Examination Consists of:

A. Practical Exam (17 – 19 May 2024)
1. Leading all or part of a Shakti Dance class
2. Presenting a specified Shakti Dance Mantric Choreography
3. Developing, presenting and leading a Celestial Communication
4. Demonstrate answers to oral questions
5. Trainees may also be given follow up tasks after the exam to be completed before qualification

B. Written Exam
Answering a written take-home exam which will be submitted by email within May 3th 2024.

**General rule for missed training days during Shakti Dance Teacher Training Level 1:

In order to be admitted to the final practical exam, participants can miss a total of only 4 training days.
Otherwise they will not have the necessary experience. These will need to be recuperated as above.
Certificates will not be issued until all modules have been recouped – even if the exam has been passed.

Generally, the Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training and certification should be completed within six months after the practical exam of the original training.
However, participants may ask in writing for an extension of time to the Affiliate/Organiser of their original training and the SD Academy Administrator. This time period can be extended for as long as is necessary, but the Academy does not take responsibility for following up on the student’s progress.

If the agreed extended time limit is exceeded without further written notification on the part of the student, then the student will no longer be eligible for certification.

Academy Membership:

The Tuition Fee for this Training Program includes a subscription for an initial 12-month Membership to the Shakti Dance® Academy. All Participants of this Training Program become Trainee Members of the Shakti Dance® Academy for the duration of the Training or up to 12-months after the subscription. All Academic Members of the Academy are eligible to access the Reserved Area of the Shakti Dance® Academy website. After this initial subscription, Academic Membership will be renewed on a yearly basis.

Qualified Shakti Dance® Teachers that are members of the Shakti Dance® Academy will be listed in, and promoted through the “Teachers’ Directory” of the Shakti Dance website ( They will also be eligible to access the Reserved Area of the Shakti Dance® Academy website.

Certified Shakti Dance® Teachers who enrol as Members of the Shakti Dance® Academy may be granted authorization to access and to use the Academy’s promotional material. ( More about benefits of membership is in SDTTL1 contract)

Temporary Teaching Permit

Trainees that wish to practice teaching Shakti Dance® before receiving Level 1 Shakti Dance® certification may apply to their Lead Trainer, Program Organizer or Academy Administrator for a temporary teaching permit. In general, trainees may teach Shakti Dance on a non-professional basis during the training. After the practical exam and before receiving certification, students may be given temporary permission to teach professionally – for no more than six months. If the student has not certified by then, they no longer have permission to teach Shakti Dance®, until certification is acquired.

The Shakti Dance® trademark and/or logo must always be used in any publicity.

Training Materials:

The Tuition Fee includes a printed copy of the Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Manual©.

A selection of Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Didactic Videos© are available and accessible to Shakti Dance Academy Members, via online streaming in the Reserved Area.


The Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Manual© and Didactic Videos© are for personal usage and study only, and are subject to copyright laws. Any reproduction, publishing, hiring, lending or performance in whole or any part is strictly prohibited.

Tuition payment for the Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Program does not grant the right to record and/or own audio-video of all or any of the intellectual property of the training content shared during the program.

No video recordings of any part of the Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teaching Training Program is permitted during the program.

Written permission may be given by the Shakti Dance® Academy to an appointed person to record Audio-Video during the program if the recordings serve to update the Academy’s online Didactic Training Materials.

All Terms & Conditions of this Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training Program and agreed to herewith in this Application Form Contract shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the law of the country pertaining to the Affiliate-Organiser the Program.
The parties irrevocably agree that the Courts of the country pertaining to the Affiliate-Organiser the Program shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, or under, or in connection with this Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Program and its Application Form Contract. Any dispute of rules, regulations, or the legal relationship established between the parties, and for those purposes, shall be irrevocably submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts pertaining to the Affiliate-Organiser the Program.

A Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training Affiliate is entitled to suspend, transform the modality of, or terminate the performance of its obligations under this Agreement when certain circumstances beyond their control arise, making performance inadvisable, commercially impractical, illegal, or impossible. The list of circumstances / events is set out in the Schedule below;

– Schedule – War, riots, fire, hurricane, typhoons, earthquake, lightning, explosion, strikes, pandemics, lockdowns, prolonged shortage of electricity supplies, acts of state or governmental action, prohibiting or impeding any party from performing its respective obligations under the contract and an Act of God.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 22, so please reserve your place by submitting your registration form and paying a deposit payment of € 500 + VAT (non-refundable).

Early bird registration:

Payment before 15.6.2023:
2.650 € + VAT

Installment payment (2.850 € + VAT):
before 15.06. – € 500 + VAT (non-refundable down payment)
before 15.08. – € 700 + VAT
before 15.09. – € 650 + VAT
before 15.10. – € 500 + VAT
before 15.11. – € 500 + VAT

Regular registration:

Payment after 15.06.2023 (2.800 € + VAT):
before 15.08. – € 500 + VAT (non-refundable down payment)
before 22.09. – € 2.300 + VAT

Instalment payment after 15.06.2023 (€ 3.000 + VAT):
before 15.08. – € 500 + VAT (non-refundable down payment)
before 15.09. – € 700 + VAT
before 15.10. – € 700 + VAT
before 15.11. – € 600 + VAT
before 15.12. – € 500 + VAT

Please notice that 22% VAT must be added to all the prices.

Training Fee includes
– Tuition fees,
– Technical support,
– Teaching materials,
– Organization costs,
– Exam certification,
– Royalty payment for the training program,
– 12 months of Shakti Dance Academy Membership (from 30th September 2023). After this,
membership will be paid on a yearly basis. In the event that participant withdraws from the Teacher
Training the Academic Membership will automatically be converted to Practitioner Membership

Plesni Studio Intakt
Tugomerjeva 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
VAT: SI23586001
For: SD TTL1 2023
Bank Address: Nova KBM d.d, Ulica Vita Kraigherja 4, 2000 Maribor, Slovenija
IBAN: SI56 0400 1004 7454 717

If you require an receipt for your payment, please contact us at!

Please notice that a payment of complete tuition is obligatory even in the case of dropping from the participation at the teacher training at any point from any reason.

For certification the participant is entitled to attend the missed modules (up to 6 days) max. 6 months after passing the exam at any of the forthcoming teacher trainings in Europe. (more details in SDTTL1 Legal Disclaimer)

Registration and information: 
003861 41 203 527 (Nataša Siri Amrit)

Close to Dance Studio Intakt are many hostels and hotels for good price and places with good

Internship Training
Certified Shakti Dance teachers can join the INTEREN Level 1 training programme (teacher training).

Enrolment in the INTEREN process is only possible for the entire programme and the price is €788 (50% of Academic Fee) by 15.08.2023.
More information on the procedure for joining the INTERENSHIP TRAINING  can be found here.

Participation in individual modules for SD Teachers
For already certified teachers it is possible to attend individual modules.
Price per day: 108 EUR

PS INTAKT, Poljanska c. 59, 1000 Ljubljana – Slovenia

mobi: 00386 41 203 527 (Nataša Siri Amrit)

I discovered Shakti Dance at the beautiful island of Iz in Croatia. It was love at first sight. The workshop was held by Nataša and when I started to practice Shakti Dance I was flooded by the feeling of coming home. My heart was filled with pure joy and bliss. That moment I knew I want to know more about it, so I signed up for the teacher training in Slovenia.

Now I am very happy about this decision as I feel how Shakti Dance connects me deep with my roots and the divine creative energy and how it helps me to stay centered in the middle of the hurricane.
I love yoga, I love to dance, I love mantras, I love to sing and I love to share all this with others!
Simply deeply grateful that Shakti Dance came to my life! It feels like a gift from Heaven to Earth.

Shakti dance just kind of call me, I didn’t understand what was happening at the beginning, but after and during the class I felt such a peace in me. My whole body and soul were actually longing for that kind of peace. So, I started searching to this peace in my life more focused. I realized that this is what I needed and missed in my life… peace, felling of support and trust. Nothing outside of me, didn’t permanently gave me this. Shakti Dance is tool, that bring me this sense of peace and firmness.

Ana Rozman – Tarandeep Kaur
I took a Shakti teacher training course ten years ago. The experience marked me strongly, I can say that the course was something that decisively influenced the direction of my life. To pass from the mind to the body, to the feelings, to feel what the silence within oneself means and then to create one’s own, completely authentic movement from this silence. For the first time in my life, it happened to me that my soul spoke from within me through movement. I met anew.
The teacher training course offers this supportive environment where such a powerful transformation can take place.

I taught Shakti dance regularly, twice a week for 5 years. I led workshops in Slovenia, in the USA and Shakti Dance Yoga retreat on the island of Hvar in Croatia. I can say with certainty that Shakti dance brings a person back into genuine contact with themselves, redirecting them from the mind to the heart. With this practice, the quality of life is simply more beautiful, better, enriched by the presence and awareness of the vastness of the spirit within us.

Through the meetings, the participants became more and more connected, guided, accepted and heard by the teachers. The small details made it clear that the methodology used to carry out schooling was carefully thought out and uniform. That our hours spent together were an investment in maintaining the fluidity of the body and expanding the knowledge within each of us. When the answer comes before you ask a question. And only then you realize how important it is – just for you.

The school really works on raising awareness and the process of schooling itself is transformative in nature and covers in depth real knowledge. The experience has brought me to accept everything as it is, whether I like something or not. Special thanks to teachers Sara Avtar and Sat Darshan, from whom I learned in silence.

I had many challenges with this training which are connected with my body, my mind, my private life and many changes which have occur.. I become more conscious of my body, body movements, coordination, in emboding certain quality, theme…. And also, it was interesting and challenging to work in such a circle of women where we both reflected and encouraged each other when some of us fall, the others would catch her… When one cried, all of us cried; some with tears, some silently from within. A profound bonding was created and that is something very special and strong. And needed.
Big thanks to all of You who were/are part of this Shakti dance journey, thank You for Your devotion, energy, time, love, knowledge, patience, grace…
It is an honour to be part of this Shaktiland with You.

Enormously acquired knowledge, in addition to dance movement knowledge and new perspectives on numbers, sound, space… also personal change, both internally and in view of the outside world functioning. Through the schooling process I gained a lot.




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Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training Documentary
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Shakti Dance® practice
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Shakti Dance® - Lakshmi Flowing Asanas with Nataša Siri Amrit